Karen's Komments February 6, 2015

Friday Update!

We just finished our second join.me and conference call discussion. We went over several things while trying to figure out exactly what direction we would like the website to go. Karen has been working on different pictures/layouts/colors and sending screenshots to the rest of the team. We have been adding new links, testimonials and general site information but still have a long way to go to get all the information in. We will be continuing to work on this over the next week!

We are all working on our biographies and are also working on individual ideas too!

-Karen is working on office links and has been making and organizing the links to make our page awesome!

-Tonia is going to work on the Pacific NW link, finding great info to add to our page!

-Charity is going to be working on adding circle-pix links and trying to find a picture that makes our page stand out and pop!!

We are going for the grand prize! Hopefully we can get all the basics done so we can "add the sprinkles and whip cream" – as Tonia would like to say:)